National Day of Civic Hacking

Code for America's National Day of Civic Hacking is here! We're participating in a day of collective action for the Brigade Network on September 12, with shared projects around strengthening the social safety net. You can join projects like examining our state's public benefits applications and creating a resource map. The day starts at 12 noon with a National Kickoff event, and then we'll break out into our own workgroups.

Our goal is to expose the barriers and burdens to accessing safety net resources during the coronavirus pandemic, and lift up ways that local efforts are filling in those gaps.

Complete design audits of state benefits applications

Bringing benefits applications online presents opportunities to dramatically improve access, but many of today’s online applications for public benefits are long, visually cluttered, and challenging to understand. Completing a design audit will help visualize and document the strengths and weaknesses of our local benefits applications.

Build a local asset map to support and empower local communities

Asset mapping is an integral part of empowered community building that is based on understanding the strengths and needs of diverse communities. Visually documenting the landscape can help identify what might make our community more equitable and accessible to all who live there.

Schedule for the Day

See below for Zoom room links. National events will start at 12:00 noon, then we'll break out to local work starting at 2:00 pm.

12:00pm National Kick-Off

Panel hosted by Code for America CEO Amanda Renteria, featuring leaders from Code for America, San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, and Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and a conversation about the Social Safety Net and how we respond to COVID-19.

To access, you must register to the national Code for America event.

1:00pm Breakouts by Action

After the kick-off, follow the links below to join focused national conversations on the activities for the day.

Zoom Room 1: Complete a Design Audit for your state’s benefits applications

Zoom Room 2: Create an Asset Map of resources available in your community

2:00pm Join Code for Atlanta

Local Zoom Room

Join Atlanta's local Zoom room to organize into workgroups.

The asset map workgroup will focus on resources around metro Atlanta.

The design audit workgroups will focus on applying for the following public benefits programs:

4:00pm National Check-In

Re-join the national Zoom rooms to check-in to share any findings or questions with the broader community.

Zoom Room 1: Design Audit

Zoom Room 2: Asset Map

4:30pm Back to Local Work Time

6:00 pm Close