Civic Hacking in Atlanta

Join Us For Civic Hack Night

We are a Code for America Brigade. We hold civic hack night about two times per month. Find the next event on Meetup.

If you have an established project to work on, or if you'd like to lead an interest group brainstorm, please email us at

And we need all of y'all: Developers, designers, project managers, data analysts, and subject-matter experts are all welcome. Bring your laptop and some great ideas!

All participants of Code for Atlanta events are held to a Code of Conduct and Anti-Harrassment Policy.

Our Leaders

Luigi Ray-Montanez is a Captain.

Shawn Taylor is a Captain.

Tabitha Giles is a Projects Lead.

Brandi March is a Projects Lead.

Julian Knight is a Projects Lead.

Brandon Barber is a Projects Lead.

Paris Walters is a Community Lead.

Brant Padak is a Communications Lead.

Our Partners

Lillie Madali is the Deputy Director of Performance Management at the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency.

The Center for Civic Innovation is a resource hub and open campus for civic innovators and social entrepreneurs in the heart of downtown Atlanta.