2020 Recap

Atlanta City Council Scraper

Project link: https://github.com/abrie/atl-council-scraper

Key Contributors: Abrie

Who does this serve? Those who are building apps and APIs that need a current list of elected officials on the Atlanta City Council.

What problem does this aim to solve? Without this tool, developers need to manually transcribe and update city council information into their machine. This utility automates the process, providing an up-to-date, machine-readable description of the Atlanta City Council's elected members. The information is scraped daily and archived on Github, where it is easily available to APIs and apps.

ATL Vote Helper

Project link: https://www.atlvote.com/

Source code: https://github.com/Bartlebyy/atlanta-voter-helper

Key Contributors: Diego Medina

Who does this serve? The purpose of this project is to increase Atlanta voter turnout for all future elections by making it easier to vote. In particular, by helping to give local residents the knowledge needed to vote.

What problem does this aim to solve? A lot of people are eager to vote, but are confused about where to vote, how to vote or who to vote for. This website’s goal is to help ATL voters answer some of these questions.

model.earth Sustainable Communities

Project link: https://model.earth/community/

Source code: https://github.com/modelearth/community

Key Contributors: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Georgia Department of Economic Development, Georgia Tech Smarter Together Community Interns, Code for America and Code for Atlanta

Who does this serve?

Local Communities https://model.earth/io/communities/

What problem does this aim to solve? The need for tools to improve material flow to reduce waste and increase carbon capture.


Embeddable Inflow-Outflow Widgets https://model.earth/io/charts/

Atlanta Scribes

Project link: http://atlscribes.com/

Key Contributors: Flint Barrow , Elysa Smigielski, Kyle Kessler, David Rospond, Trevaris, Abi Barrow, Center for Civic Innovation Atlanta, Qutee

Who does this serve? Georgia citizen’s Inclusion in policy and debate via public participation is crucial to a thriving democracy.

What problem does this aim to solve? Promote policy that represents the peoples' voice by making sure that all opinions count.

When Covid-19 related closures changed the means of collecting Atlanta City Council public comment, we created seamless comment collection and analysis. Using volunteer tagging (Human Intelligence) combined with cutting edge technology (Artificial Intelligence) we sift through the noise—turning data into insight.